Remote Vitals Measuring Solutions

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Henkaus provides medical grade vital signs measuring solutions for remote patient care. Our trustworthy measurements can be used for diagnosis by medical professionals and service providers. 
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Henkaus provides easy to use devices that can be handed to patients for obtaining accurate and objective data for better diagnosis during remote patient consultations.

Care Home

Home Care

Henkaus provides hassle-free tools and a centralized view to vitals information of your home care customers. We help you to optimize the treatment path for your patients.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Henkaus provides minimally invasive devices that do not interfere with ordinary life of your patients. The information we provide, helps you prioritize patient visits and improve staff efficiency.

Now Available!

Contactless Respimeter


No physical contact to patient

Higher Staff Safety

Live Info on Breathing

 Immediate Detection

Easy to Clean

Customised Solution 

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Contactless Respiration Rate Measurement 

State of the art radar-based technology that measures the respiration rate of the patient. The device can be placed up to 3 meters away from the user and can detect through bedding, linen and clothes. Data collected by the device is transferred to our proprietary cloud for presentation

User Interface & Data Integration

Simple interface on a web browser or a smart device to view health information at a glance. Our data can also be made available through API’s for easy integration in your existing systems. The trustworthy medical grade information provided by our service is intended to be used by doctors, nurses, caregivers and other professionals.

Available add-ons: Heart Rate, SpO2, Blood Pressure, PPG   


Example Screen

Respiration Rate User Interface 

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